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polyurethane capping/crown bar Picture

polyurethane capping/crown bar Polyurethane capping bars are made of superior quality PU from famous companies home and abroad and with varieties of de...


Starching Machines CMst-80 Picture

Starching Machines CMst-80 Starching Machine CMst-80 is suitable for the starching and finishing of all types of bands to upgrade the quality of fi...


Cone Winding Machines YH2002E Picture

Cone Winding Machines YH2002E High Speed Cone Winding Machine with Doubling and Air YH2002E This model is suitable for filament yarn and thread 1. M...


Shoe Lace Polishing Machines Picture

Shoe Lace Polishing Machines Feature : 1. Suitable for waxing shoelace with high quality of shinning, soften furnction. 2. Break-through design in ...


Lace Braiding Machine CMts-64 Picture

Lace Braiding Machine CMts-64 * CMS factory is staffed with a strong team of technicians and equipped with complete sets of machine tools, inclusive o...


Rubber Warping Machines Picture

Rubber Warping Machines High Speed Rubber Warping Machine CMwr-450 Power : 2 HP Capacity: 0-390 M/Minute Beam Size: ø 400 mm x 400 mm...


Crochet Knitting Machines Picture

Crochet Knitting Machines Crochet Knitting Machine CMck612/B3&B8 Specification: 1. Technical Data CMck612/B3 2. Operation Space 24 inch 3. ...


Automatic Needle Loom CMb4/65 Picture

Automatic Needle Loom CMb4/65 High Speed Automatic Needle Loom CMb4/65 * To meet the market requirement, from the smallest width to the maximum wid...


Fancy Yarn Twisting Machines Picture

Fancy Yarn Twisting Machines YH-08A : Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine YH-08A is specialized in Fancy Yarn twisting 1. The machines are manufactured to...


Metallic Yarn Covering Machine Picture

Metallic Yarn Covering Machine YH-190 : ST Covering Machine YH 190 Series * Metallic Yarn Covering Machine is suitable for ST type covered (seal or ...


Latex Spandex Covering Machine Picture

Latex Spandex Covering Machine Latex Spandex Covering Machine YH-116AE YH-116AE : Fully Electronic Covering Machine * Taking the highest electronic ...


Rawhide Crispy Chicken Chews Picture

Rawhide Crispy Chicken Chews Rawhide Crispy Chicken Chews RC-12 Rawhide with Chicken and Beef Treats


Double Flavors Rawhide Bone Picture

Double Flavors Rawhide Bone Size: 2~2.5 " Flavor: Dental Mint.Beef.Chicken.Cheese.Bubble Gum


Rawhide with Chicken Chews Picture

Rawhide with Chicken Chews Rawhide with Chicken and Beef Chews CS-31 Chicken and Rawhide Strips 6 inch 28gm


Compressed Rawhide Chews Picture

Compressed Rawhide Chews Natural Compressed Rawhide Chews 2 1/2",4 1/2",6 1/2",8 1/2,10 1/2" & 12" Bone,Baseball, Football & Pressed Ring 3"


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